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So Good to Hear Your Voice Again!

My memories of Mrs. Rinaldi are so vivid. I can see her now, in the noisy kitchen of her home in Tusa, a small village in Sicily. I didn’t know it then, but she was creating recipes and spice blends that would become the Francesco Rinaldi products we love today.

To know Mrs. Rinaldi is to know her laugh and the saucy attitude that made her such a treasure. She lived with a passion for her cooking, family and life…and everyone in the village adored her.

One day I asked her why she worked so hard day after day, creating and perfecting those delicious recipes. Her answer was simple: "I love my family so much, and nothing makes me prouder than feeding them. I call out ‘mangia!’ and they all come running!"

I was fortunate enough to call her my friend, my teacher. "Always use the freshest ingredients!" she would call out as she showed off her fat tomatoes as big as grapefruits! Sometimes we would go into her garden where she showed me her tricks of the trade like how to clip the basil so it doesn’t turn brown. And on the most amazing days of all, she would share some of her recipe’s secrets. I can still see her putting her finger to her lips. I hold them sacred (and secret) to this day.

So, imagine my surprise, when after all these years, I was able to hear her sassy and spirited voice once again. And you won’t believe where I heard it: right from a jar of Francesco Rinaldi marinara pasta sauce! Now everyone can hear her stories by downloading the FR AR app. "Pazzo" as we would say back in Tusa.

What does she say? I won’t spoil the surprise…listen for yourself. All I can say is: "Ciao, Mrs. Rinaldi! So good to hear your voice again!"