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Mrs. Rinaldi to the Rescue!

Thinking out loud - One shoppers trip down the pasta sauce aisle.

Dinner tonight. What sounds good? The whole family is home (that’s rare but really nice). Of course, time is tight…what’s new? Everyone has somewhere to be. So, I need something convenient, easy to prepare, but really tasty. I have lots of picky eaters to please.

I got it. Let’s do pasta. Always a winner. No time to make it from scratch, so let’s head to the pasta sauce aisle. Now, what’s everyone’s favorite? I can’t remember…and wow, so many to choose from.

Huh…lots of familiar brands. They all look good. It’s making me hungry just looking at them. Let’s check out the labels; ingredients and nutritional facts look good. Organic…I like that. Lots of varieties. But they’re all kind of the same.

Whoa. Wait a minute. What’s this? "Francesco Rinaldi® invites you to experience our brand icon live!" Oh right, that pretty woman on the jar. I know her. Probably a video or something. There’s more: "Download my app. Point your phone at me on the jar. See me come alive."

Download the app? Come alive? I think I’ve heard of this. It has something to do with augmented reality. It’s really cool. Where’s my phone? Go to the Apple Store. Here’s the app: Francesco Rinaldi AR APP. It’s free, always good. Click. Download. So easy.

Now, point my phone at the jar. Whoa…she speaks!

"Come si dice, organic? I know organic. Homemade. From the land. Basil from the garden. Tomatoes off the vine…" I love her accent. Let’s try another one.

"Come si dice, cheesy? Ah, you mean formaggio. Si, si, my alfredo recipe is very creamy with lots of cheeses, like parmigiano and romano…"

Ha! Awesome! So, you are Mrs. Rinaldi. Nice to meet you Mrs. Rinaldi. Now what do I want? Original Recipe. Four Cheese Alfredo Sauce. Garden. Meat Sauce. One, two, three, four organic sauces. Yum. I’ll grab a bunch.

Can’t wait to show the kids. Looks like someone else in the family is tech friendly.

Now let’s head over to produce. Maybe the peppers will talk to me.