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From the kitchen of Mrs. Rinaldi

Buon giorno, everyone!

It’s Mrs. Rinaldi from Francesco Rinaldi pasta sauce!

Welcome to my very first blog – “blog” a word that’s the same in Italian as it is English.

I speak Italian, but here in America I will speak with you mostly in English, and just a little Italiano! I’ve been in this country for nearly forty years and my English is ok, no?

Whoa…Come vola il tempo, sorry, Italiana again…I was just saying that time flies…especially when you’ve been welcomed into the homes and kitchens of so many people all over this wonderful country. Grazie, America, grazie!!

So, what was I saying…ah, yes. What a joy to speak with you…what is that you say, how is the picture of a woman on a pasta sauce jar able to speak? It’s augmented reality…in Italian that would be, well, I’m not sure. We would just say: tecnologia. I mean, technology.

Some very smart women (and a few men, I suppose) invented a way for your phone that is so very smart to be pointed right at my image on the label of Francesco Rinaldi and then I speak! Right from the label. Fantastico!

But wait…not so fast. You need a…come si dice? An app. Yes, an app. And the app is FREE! You go to your Google or your Apple Store and it’s there.

Want to know what I say when you point the phone at me? No, no, no. You need to experience it for yourself.

Ciao, everyone! I’ll see you at supermercato. Scusa…the grocery store.