So Good to Hear Your Voice Again!

My memories of Mrs. Rinaldi are so vivid. I can see her now, in the noisy kitchen of her home in Tusa, a small village in Sicily. I didn’t know it then, but she was creating recipes and spice blends that would become the Francesco Rinaldi products we love today.[…]

Mrs. Rinaldi to the Rescue!

Thinking out loud – One shoppers trip down the pasta sauce aisle. Dinner tonight. What sounds good? The whole family is home (that’s rare but really nice). Of course, time is tight…what’s new? Everyone has somewhere to be. So, I need something convenient, easy to prepare, but really tasty. I[…]

From the kitchen of Mrs. Rinaldi

Buon giorno, everyone! It’s Mrs. Rinaldi from Francesco Rinaldi pasta sauce! Welcome to my very first blog – “blog” a word that’s the same in Italian as it is English. I speak Italian, but here in America I will speak with you mostly in English, and just a little Italiano![…]